Five reasons to play indoor football

Indoor football has been a popular version of the world’s most popular sport for decades. It’s fair to say, though, 3G and other artificial surfaces have meant 5-a-side has taken hold outside.

But there are plenty of reasons why indoor football is as good as, if not better than, outdoor football (even in summer!). Here are some:

1. It’s more exciting
Indoor football is faster, has quicker changes of play and generally just has more happening at any given time.

This applies even more if you use a “futsal” ball – their smaller, heavier nature means the ball is kept on the floor more often, forcing players to pass it around quickly rather than hoping for a lucky wall bounce.

This actually means the game can change in an instant from considered, tactical passing and off-the-ball movement, to short sharp passes, turns, twists and goals.

2. It’s quicker
The constraints of an indoor pitch can mean it’s easier to defend in numbers. This often depends on the size of the goals and the “D”, but the challenges of the indoor game forces the attacking team to move the ball around a lot more and keep the pace up.

Individuals can still put in a dazzling solo run and score a belter, but most of the time speedy team ingenuity wins the day.

3. It tests your fitness (a lot!)
We welcome all standards and fitness levels at Stamford Indoor Football, but you’ve been warned – indoor 5-a-side can be a shock to the system.

The fast-paced games and interchanges mean you can switch from attack to defence in an instant. You can be punished quickly indoors, so be sure to sprint back to help your team-mates and keeper in defence.

Don’t worry, you’ll soon get up to speed, but it’s a great test of fitness and you’ll improve your stamina very quickly.

4. It’s more fairer and more balanced
Despite it’s enjoyable fast pace and challenges, indoor football actually levels the playing field.

Don’t get us wrong, the teams can be imbalanced very, very  occasionally, but the smaller pitch size, head height rules, and use of the futsal generally means both teams (and all players) get a fair crack at goal.

Whereas outdoor football on larger pitches can make it very easy to bypass slower runners, or an entire team with a rough high and long pass, this is much more difficult to achieve indoors. Which makes it much more satisfying when you do slice open the opposing team with one silky pass!

5. It’s more accessible
This also makes indoor football more open to new players and multiple skill levels. Everyone tends to get a fair crack at the game, while the most skilful players can still shine.

If you want to join, visit our join a game page.

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