Join a game

Playing a game at Stamford Indoor Football is easy. Play when you want to play, with no weekly commitment to a team or training! Simply do the following:

  1. Join our WhatsApp group for the latest match updates. (You’ll need to download the app on your mobile phone if you haven’t already got it – but it’s free!)
  2. If you want to play, simply respond to the group with your name when a match is announced (usually a Tuesday night after a game). The match organiser will confirm who is playing.
  3. If you’re in, simply turn up at the Borderville Sports Centre shortly before 8pm and pay your £5. Bibs are provided.
  4. Score some stunners!

If you’d like more information or you want to play but don’t have WhatsApp, get in touch using the Contact Us page and we’ll go from there.

Stamford Indoor Football details in short:

Who and how many: We have space for 12 players – 5v5 with one substitute per team.
Everyone is welcome – all ages (over 18), all standards, girls and guys. The game’s are competitive, but we don’t take it too seriously.

When: 8pm, every Tuesday

Where: Borderville Sports Centre, Ryhall Rd, Stamford PE9 1US.