When will Stamford Indoor Football be back?

Well, this has been some hiatus. Sports and COVID don’t really mix, which has meant Stamford Indoor Football had to temporarily shut. No indoor football for over a year!

Will Stamford Indoor Football return soon? Will it ever return?!

The short answer is, yes.

The slightly less short answer to when we will return is… it is complicated.

While indoor exercise and classes have been allowed to return, the small print around this allowance is related to actual “organised” groups.

We have spoken with the sports centre and agreed that we aren’t really in a position to return.

Added to that the fact that having 12 sweaty adults running around in close proximity to each other indoors didn’t feel right either.

It felt too soon and rather than tease you all with a few games and then (fingers crossed this doesn’t happen) have it ripped away from us if another lockdown were to be imposed, we decided to wait it out a little longer.

We hope to return once all lockdown restrictions have ended and we hope our existing members, as well as new faces from the area, will support us when we do.

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